There are few instances in which you’ll find it more advantageous to rent a car than to rent it with the aim of owning it outright. While you may need a car urgently, it’s advisable to consider the rent-to-own options available to you because you’ll own the car once you’ve paid it off instead of handing it back if you opt for the rent-only option.

Why Rent-to-Own?

In addition to paying off the car you’re renting, there are several reasons why rent-to-own is the way to go for most people.

  • Bad credit isn’t a problem – A wide range of innovative finance solutions, including bad credit car loans, are available. This makes owning a car a reality for many people.
  • Tax deductible repayments – If you have a valid ABN, you may qualify for 100% tax deductible repayments when you rent-to-own. That’s a wise business move.
  • A wide range of cars – With hundreds (if not thousands) of vehicles to select from, when you rent-to-buy you can get a great deal on a new car. And with repayments anyone can afford!

While these are excellent benefits, if you simply don’t want to own a vehicle outright then renting a car is the way to go for you and we have some excellent rent-only deals on brand new cars available.

Australia’s fastest growing vehicle and equipment finance specialists are here to help you own a car quicker with our handy rent-to-own finance solution that has put many Australians behind the wheel of cars that will soon be their own. To learn more about our rent-to-own and rent-only options, speak to one of our advisors today on 1300 4 CREDIT (1300 427 334).



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