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Whether you are looking to buy your FIRST HOME or you plan to REFINANCE your current one, Finance Motors is here to help with its home loans financing. We have the best home loans on the market that can fit your lifestyle. We understand the difficulties of financing a home that’s why we work with you and take away the stress, saving you time and money, so you can enjoy making your house your HOME.


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4 REASONS why you should reconsider renting a place


The monthly rent could increase anytime as it is strongly connected to the market fluctuations.


There is a fix term of lease which stops you making long-term plans regarding that place as you are not sure if you still hold the keys beyond the rental agreement term


You limit your investments in personalizing the place, either because of the landlord rules or the money you do not want to spend on a place that is not your own


If the owner receives a great offer for the property, you can be requested to move out at short notice

When choosing Finance Motors,
you benefit from:

Fast, easy & user-friendly application

Fast approval

Expert advice

We all know rent can be a hustle and bustle sometimes. If you find yourself in any of the reasons above, that means you should probably make a shift in your mentality. Switch from long-term renting which is not profitable for you, to buying a place that would become completely yours.

Save money by REFINANCING

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  • Pay your current loan faster?
  • Take advantage of a lower interest rate as advertised?
  • Free up cash?
  • Use some equity for a little vacation?

No matter your reason, Finance Motors is here to help.

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