Take your BOAT and “SAIL AWAY from the safe harbor”!

– Mark Twain

This popular Mark Twain quote inspires and motivates people to follow their dreams and dare to explore more of what life has to offer. Just imagine yourself on a boat enjoying the wind, the sun and the waves of the ocean.

We are making that possible as one of our goals is to help people afford their dreams, therefore we encourage you to follow yours with our Australian marine finance. We offer you step-by-step guidance when it comes to finding you a loan that best suits your needs.

Finance Motors is the marine finance Australia has been waiting for! You can own a new boat or an old yacht with our boat finance in Australia. We also offer jet ski finance our new and used boat loans boat loan as part of our marine finance offerings.

New and used boat finance

Enjoy a bit of life’s little luxuries today, with the help of Finance Motors Boat Loans.  Flexible terms and compettive finance packages available.

If you have been dreaming of new tinnie, a fishing boat or luxury yacht, set sail today and talk to one of your financial experts  about how we can get you on the water this weekend.

Pre-approved boat finance

3 ADVANTAGES of pre-approved finance

You are CONFIDENT that the funds are already there for you

You know HOW MUCH you can afford, so it makes the purchase decision more relevant

You have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to funds, which means you are able to purchase the boat right away

A very important piece of advice we usually give to our customers is to wait for pre-approval before starting to look for a boat. This type of finance takes a shortcut in the process of buying and facilitates the meeting between you and the boat you wish to purchase.

Jet Ski finance

4 FEATURES of Jet Ski finance:

Fixed interest rate, meaning that the interest is calculated over the remaining balance on a daily basis

No deposit needed, so you don’t have to cut off and save up for your future Jet Ski

Flexible repayments up to 7 years

Flexible residual value (balloon value), which can reduce your repayments

With access to over 30 trusted lenders, Finance Motors is ready to arrange a tailored loan especially for you.