RIDE the “long and winding roads”!

Riding a motorcycle is a bit like flying. You can feel the speed, the wind in your face, the intense noise, the smell of the road; it pretty much feels like freedom. For those of you who dream of having a bike but can not afford one, now is your chance to get one of your own.

Finance Motors is the bike finance Australia needs! With a wide range of finance solutions, from dirt bike financing to bad credit bike finance, we are ready to find the PERFECT LOAN for you, while offering you 24/7 assistance in the process.

PERSONAL USE bike loans

Let’s say you found your dream bike. Whether it be an off-road, street, touring, classic or sports motorbike, the next step is to make sure you know what type of loan to choose.

Secured finance is the most popular type of personal use finance. Therefore, your motorbike will be used as security for the loan and your lender holds collateral against your motorcycle. What is even more attractive is that secured bike loans generally have a lower interest rate than the unsecured loans.

If you still have questions regarding the personal use bike loans, one of our friendly finance experts would be happy to advise you.

Get ready to put your helmet on! On your marks, get set, RIDE!